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Create custom tags for your server! Easily provide help, links, and more!

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Tagify is a Discord bot to create a custom tags in your Discord server. Wondering what a tag is? A tag is basically a set of text, that can be configured by you! For example, if you wanted to set a tag to say hi if someone runs t!view test, you can set that up with the bot. If you happen to have an error, continue to our Discord Support Server and we would be happy to help you there!


Tagify has plenty of commands for tags. You can create tags, assign tags to different events, edit tags, delete tags, view tags, and more! If you have a suggestion for the bot, feel free to join the Support Server and send a suggestion.


Ran into an error? We are here to help!

If you are having trouble with a command, simply run t!help COMMAND_NAME and it will provide you with some info to help.

If you are still having issues, feel free to join our support server.

The prefix for Tagify is t!


Here are some links for you:


Tagify does not sell your data. Privacy is our #1 concern and we want to improve your server’s security.

We only store individual user data when you give us consent in our Support Server. This means that we only take certain user’s data when they tell us we can. This does not include user IDs, tags, etc. We then use this data for testing purposes, and to improve our security as well as yours.

When you change the prefix or anything that involves saving to a database, we store your guild ID, the content needed to store, and sometimes the user ID of who ran the command. To have your data removed from our servers, simply join our support server and start a ticket thread (#tickets). One of the developers will help you there.

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