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Multi-functional bot in EN with AutoRole on join, Welcome/Leave system, Logs, Moderation, InviteManager

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<p><strong>⭐Bot Settings</strong></p>

<pre><code>prefix > change bot’s prefix


<p><strong>⭐Welcome Auto Role</strong></p>

<pre><code>set-autorole > Set an auto assign role on join

del-autorole > Remove the auto assigne role


<p><strong>⭐Translation System</strong></p>

<pre><code>Translate > translate text with some available languages


<p><strong>⭐Anti Link System</strong></p>

<pre><code>antilink-enable > Enables the Anti Link System

antilink-disable > Disabled the Anti Link System


<p><strong>⭐Welcome System</strong></p>

<pre><code>delwelcome > Deletes the welcome channel

delbye > Deletes the bye message channel

setwelcome > Sets a welcome channel to (welcome) new members

setbye > Sets A Bye channel to (bye) members that left the server

welcomechannel > checks the set channel


<p><strong>⭐Logs/Events System</strong></p>

<pre><code>dellogs > Deletes the Log channel

setlogs > Sets A Log channel to track all member moves

logschannel > checks the set channel


<p><strong>⭐Leveling System</strong></p>

<pre><code>leveling on > Enables the leveling system

leveling off > Disables the leveling system

rank/level > Shows the current user level!


<p><strong>⭐Invite Manager</strong></p>

<pre><code>invitesettinggs, invitetop, inviteinfo, inviteplayer


<p><strong>⭐Admin Commands</strong></p>

<pre><code>mute > Mute a user

unmute > Unmute a user

ban > Ban a user

kick> Kick a user

close > Close Channel

purge > Purge Messages

slowmode > Set Slowmode

embed > Send Embed Messages

announce > Announce Messages

lockdown > Locks the current channel to prevent spammer/maintenance


<p><strong>⭐Information Commands</strong></p>

<pre><code>botinfo > Bot Information

userinfo > User Information

serverinfo > Server Information

coronastats > Covid>19 Statistics


<p><strong>⭐Fun Commands</strong></p>

<pre><code>delete, jail, brazzers, wanted, wasted, hug, gif,

kiss, hack, 8ball, wink, howgay, imagine, dankrate, stankrate, greentext,

gamerrate, catfact, foxfact, dogfact, birdfact, catimage, dogimage, pandaimage,

slap, grey, sepia, invert, avatar, achievement, coinflip, rpc, dice



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