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| Moderation | Social | Fun |

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Ghostipy: Ghostipy in two sentences: Ghostipy is a Moderation, Social and Fun based bot. Just type %help to get a list of his commands.

Commands: 🔨Moderation🔨 ban, clear, kick, poll, prefix, setmodlog, unban, userinfo, warn

👾Bot👾: help, invite, support, uptime, vote

😊Social😊: corona, ping, report, serverinfo

🤡Fun🤡: 8ball, amovie, anime, avatar, coinflip, joke, meme, trigger, watch2gether

He would require ADMINISTRATOR Permissions for setmodlog if you wan’t him to write in Only-Reading-Channels

Thanks for reading, and maybe Ghostipy can find a home on your server.😇