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VibeMaster is a bot specialising in entertainment, it has fun commands and many more commands but you'll have to invite him to find out! :)

Prefix: >Upvote Botdiscord.js4 upvotes this month


m / >meme - description: Sends a random meme

swm / >starwarsmeme - description: Sends a Star Wars meme

hpm / >harrypottermeme - description: "Sends a Harry Potter meme

ramm / >rickandmortymeme -description: "Sends a Rick and Morty meme

trivia / >triv / >quiz / >trv - description: "Gets a trivia question!

8ball - description:"Ask the bot a question, don’t forget the question mark at the end!

There are more commands then just these but in order to find out what they are you’ll have to add him ;)