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A do it all bot, with moderation, logging, and random commands.

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Digibot is a utility, logging, multipurpose bot that has commands that allow for all sorts of things! From reminders, to time, to even just simple warnings!

Utility: There is only a few of these commands at the moment, but aiming for a lot more in the future! These range from commands like time, which lets you find out another user’s time if they have set their time, reminders, which let you set a reminder for later, and you’ll receive a dm with the reminder or a ping from the channel if dms are closed, and purging messages!

Bot: The bot itself has many commands revolving around it. These range from commands like ping, which finds the ping of the bot, enable/disabling commands, which can disable or enable a command server wide, stats, which you can see which commands are used the most, and prefix, which lets you change the prefix of the bot for the server!

Fun: There is only a few of these simple commands, but use these for gifs (mostly) like butterdog, yikes, shut, or unfunny! The bot also has a command called 8ball, which you can ask any yes or no question, and it will reply with nothing but the Truth! And for moderators! There is command called bean, where you get to bean any user (a joke ban) for any reason! Or use band, which isn’t a command but you can say and the bot will react with a entire band of instruments!

Moderation: The bot includes a multitude of moderation commands. Ranging from simple banning of a user, to muting a user temporarily, to even warning a user for breaking the rules! You also can use a command called mutedrole, which does all the work for you by making a muted role and setting ALL the channel permissions needed!