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A multi-purpose bot with an all-round server asynced economy system

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“Multi-purpose bot fulfilling your needs!”


Stargazer is a multi-purpose bot that has many features. The most special thing about this bot is how different the economy system is to other economy bots!

What are we focusing on?

Right now, our main priority is bumping up the economy commands and making them different to other Discord bots!


This bot has a variety of different commands, here is an in-depth description…


With built-in moderator commands, you can now manage your members in your server with ease!


The economy is based on buying multipliers and heading your way upto the top of the leaderboard!


Ever wanted to find out common information about a server or someone? Try using one of these commands!


Play with fun commands and have a laugh about the dumb jokes we have in store!


Want to find out a reason or the context behind a deleted message or a warn? Well then, this is the perfect category for you!