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Gizmo is a multipurpose and customizable discord bot. Play around, and have fun with Moderation, Utility, Anime, etc!

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Gizmo is a mulitpurpose, and customizable discord bot. He’s a pug if you haven’t noticed already, so his prefix is fetch because he likes to play fetch with commands, get it? Anyways, Gizmo offers a variety of commands (100s, upon 100s), with documentation as well, so you don’t forget, haha.

“What’s so special about Gizmo”?

What categories does Gizmo have?

We love taking suggestions for more commands, if your interested in doing so, or would like to find bugs to recieve cool perks, make sure to join our discord server, even if you just need support + want to have fun!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and click invite, because the adventure has just began!