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This is an Musical bot and fun bot made by me first time

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This is the 24/7 Online bot.

It will leave the channel if channel is not active for i weak.

This is having changing staus by time.

This can clear the messages in the channel there is a purnge command also.

In this bot there is Dictionary.

You can get the Daily News also there is option.

We can get the lyrics of a perticular song you want.

You can BAN OR KICK the person by using This Bot.

If you want any change Please join the server and Ask.

There is Customizable prefix for server.

Available commands in TEST SERVER

➽➽Music Command Group

⇨leave: Leaves voice channel if in one!

⇨loop: Loop the currently playing song!

⇨loopqueue: Loop the queue x times! - (the default is 1 time)

⇨lyrics: Get lyrics of any song or the lyrics of the currently playing song!

⇨move: Move song to a desired position in queue!

⇨music-trivia: Engage in a music quiz with your friends!

⇨nowplaying: Display the currently playing song!

⇨pause: Pause the current playing song!

⇨play: Play any song or playlist from youtube!

⇨queue: Display the song queue!

⇨remove: Remove a specific song from queue!

⇨resume: Resume the current paused song!

⇨shuffle: Shuffle the song queue!

⇨skip: Skip the current playing song!

⇨skipall/stop: Stop all songs in queue!

⇨skipto: Skip to a specific song in the queue, provide the song number as an argument!

⇨stop-trivia: End the music trivia!

⇨volume: Adjust song volume!

➽➽Gif Command Group

⇨animegif: Provide a name of an anime show or character and I will return a gif!

⇨gif: Provide a query and replies with a gif!

⇨gintama: Replies with a gintama gif!

⇨jojo: Replies with a random jojo gif!

➽➽random types of commands group

⇨8ball: Get the answer to anything!

⇨about: Learn about the bot and it’s creator!

⇨advice: Get some advice!

⇨bored: Generate a random activity!

⇨cat: Replies with a cute cat picture!

⇨chucknorris: Get a satirical fact about Chuck Norris!

⇨dog: Replies with a cute dog picture

⇨fortune: Replies with a fortune cookie tip!

⇨insult: Generate an evil insult!

⇨kanye: Get a random Kanye quote.

⇨motivation: Get a random motivational quote!

⇨random: Generate a random number between two provided numbers!

⇨reddit: Replies with 10 top daily posts in wanted subreddit, you can specify sorting and time!

⇨rps: Rock paper scissors

⇨say: Make the bot say anything!

⇨speedrun: Replies with speedrun info of the main category.

⇨translate: Translate to any language using yandex translation service.(only supported lanugages)

⇨trump: Get a random quote from Donald Trump!

⇨uptime: Replies with the bot’s total uptime.

⇨urban: Get definitions from urban dictonary.

⇨world-news: Replies with the 5 latest world news headlines!

⇨ynet-news: Replies with the 5 latest israeli news headlines

➽➽guild related commands

⇨ban: Bans a tagged member.

⇨kick: Kicks a tagged member.

⇨prune: Delete up to 99 recent messages.


⇨help: Displays a list of available commands, or detailed information for a specified command.

⇨prefix: Shows or sets the command prefix.

⇨ping: Checks the bot’s ping to the Discord server.