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Ben Bot

Announce: New Backup System

Current Verison: 3.3

Welcome message

(configurable in the future)



?set-autorole <role>

?set-memberlog <#channel>
?set-messagelog <#channel>
?set-memberlog <#channel>
?set-welcomechannel <#channel>


Member Log
Message Log
Command Log
Ticket Log

User Commands (7)

?help <Shows help>
?ticket <Creats a Ticket>
?verify <Gives you the (verify) role>
?avatar <Sends the avatar of the marked user>
?dice <Returns a random number>
?timer <Creats a timer. Beispiel (?timer 10m) = 10 min Timer>
?userinfo <Shows information about the marked user>

Moderation Commands (15)

?announcement <[Message]>

?ban <[user] [reason]>

?kick <[user] [reason]>

?warn <[user] [reason]>
?warns <[user]>
?rmwarn <[user]> ([warn])
?clearwarns <[user]>

?poll <[option]>
?addrole <[user] [role]>

?purge <[count]>
?nuke <Nuked the channel>

?close <Closes a ticket / deletes a channel>

?mute <[user] [reason]>
?unmute <[user]>

Giveaway Commands(3)

?giveaway <[channel] [time] [winner] [price]>
?reroll <messageID>
?end <messageID>


?radio <Radio station>

Informations Commands (5)

?bug <Your Bug>
?info <Shows information about the bot>
?serverinfo <Shows information about the server>
?uptime <Shows the online time from the bot>
?spotify <user> Gives information about the Spotify song

Games Commands(4)

?flipcoin <Outputs heads or tails>
?dice <Outputs a random number>
?qr <arg1> <arg2> Creates a QR code
?hastebin <Your Code>

Planned commands / features

ideas need