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24/7 Online. Listen To Hight Quality Music.

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  1. 24/7 Online
  2. Support Discord Server
  3. YOUTUBE Connected
  4. High Quality Music Experience

Commands To Use This Bot:

  1. !play “title or URL of the song” = Play The Song You Need
  2. !pause = Pause The Music You Are Currently Playing
  3. !resume = Resume The Song That Has Paused
  4. !stop = Stop The Playing Song And Leave The Voice Channel
  5. !search “Song Name Or URL” = Search The Entire Web And Give The Mathing Result For Input Song
  6. !queue = Show The Songs Queue
  7. !skip = Skip The Current Song And Play The Next Song In The Queue
  8. !nowplaying Or !np = Show The Current Song Playing
  9. !volume = Increas Or Decrease The Volume Or Show The Current Volume.
  10. !help = Shows The Entire Commands In Bots
  11. !invite = Invite The Bot To Another Server