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The most fun you'll ever have with a bot!

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Kid In Google Images (or KIGM for short) is a bot that strives to give you a bit of ‘fun’ in your personal server. Here are its features.


This bot has over 50~ commands, quarter of which is for your personal server to have fun. Here’s the most favored commands from the public:

Fun Category

Text To ___ | Generators (meme, etc) | And more (satire) commands
text to owo command


 Kick | Ban | Mute | Unmute | Clear 
mute command (don’t forget to set-up shop first!)

Info Category

User Info | Bot Statistics | Server Info
stats command

NEW! Economy System

Work | Gamble | Rob!
gamble dice command

And more!


If you have found a bug, use the &bugreport command.

If you have suggestions for this bot (I’m sure you do), use the &suggest command.