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An advanced giveaway bot with many features | English + German / Deutsch + Polish | Supports requirements | 99.99% uptime

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The giveaway bot is an easy-to-use bot used to manage giveaways and drops in your server! <br>You need at least Manage Channel permissions in order to use the giveaway commands. <br>Change the language using !setlanguage or change the prefix using !setprefix. <br>If you need help, join the Support Server.

List of all commands: !help


!setlanguage en, de, pl, alb, bg, tr - Changes the bot’s language to English, German / Deutsch, Polish / Polska, Albanian, Bulgarian or Turkish / Türkçe

!start 5h 2w Fancy hoodie - Starts a new giveaway for a fancy hoodie that ends in 5 hours and has 2 winners

!create - Starts a new giveaway using the interactive setup which supports adding requirements to join the giveaway

!reward <messageID> <@role/roleID> - Sets a role as a reward for the winners. Automatically gives a role to the winners

!end [messageID] - Ends a giveaway before the time is up

!reroll <messageID> - Selects a new winner

!drop <prize> - Creates a new drop (-> who ever reacts first to the message wins)

!edit <messageID> <winners/length/prize> <newValue> - Edits an ongoing giveaway

!list [inactive] - Sends a list of all giveaways / inactive giveaways

!giveaways - Lists all giveaways that a user has entered

!command <enable/disable> <command> - Enables/disables a command that is not needed for the bot in order to work

!setprefix <newPrefix> - Changes the bot’s prefix

!setrole <roleID or @role> - Sets a additional role that has permission to manage giveaways

!config - Shows the bot settings for your server

!help - Sends a list of all commands with a description

!invite - Sends the invite for this bot (in DMs)

!support - Sends the invite for the support server (in DMs)

!id <object> - Get the ID of a user/role/textchannel

… many more! Use !help in your server to see them all!


<Parameter> - mandatory

[Parameter] - optional</body>


English by Beatz#0001 Polish by jakobma#1337 German by Beatz#0001 Turkish by 𝑩𝒓𝒖𝒉#0001 Albanian by Briann#8085 Bulgarian by Nish#0002