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Monique is a mutli-purpose bot designed for automating tasks in servers for users' productivity.

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What is Monique?

Monique is the primary and original product of the Monique League. It is a multi-purpose, utilitarian, administrative Discord bot. It is packed with high intelligence and power. Its goal is to unlock the full ability of the Discord API. Additionally, it’s always being updated with the latest security vulnerability patches and updates that release.

What is our goal as the developers and engineers of Monique?

Our goal is to provide and maintain a functioning, safe, secure and reliable Discord bot that is packed with highly requested features and commands to ensure that each user has the ability to freely and easily control their servers and communities whilst ensuring that they are secure and under control.

What modules and features does Monique come with?

Monique has a wide variety of features and modules designed for maximising productivity in servers. We ensure that each module is heavily tested before writing and publishing a release note for the public to read.

Our Currently Released Modules

Our High Security Standards

At the Monique League, we take data confidentiality, security and privacy very seriously. We do not disclose, share or discuss our users’ data and information with third-parties or other affiliated/partnered companies. All information transferred to and from the website is encrypted with an SSL certificate issued by the ZeroSSL RSA Domain Secure Site CA. Our website engineers and administrators constantly explore and check for security risks in both the website and the bot itself. Security is ultimately a critical priority for us.

This all seems really cool — so how can I invite it to my server?

To invite the bot, go to the invite page and authorise the bot to be added to your server! We have absolutely no application process or restrictions whatsoever. Anyone can invite the bot (once they’re not banned or exempt for using the bot, of course).
<u>Note before attempting to invite the bot:</u> to invite the bot to a server, you will require the manage server permission there.

Where can I find support and help for Monique?

You can find help by joining our official Discord server. There are usually quick responses and an understanding community that is always willing to help out each other. If you would like to speak with a representative of our team, email [email protected].