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SecurityAPI is an intelligence Discord Bot to secure your server from attacks and dangerous URL’s.

Security Function:

    ❯ URL Scanner | Will protect your server from unsecure/malwares/iploggers/virus/phishing/scam Websites/URL (BETA). Please use: s!scan to get more informations
    ❯ ANTI SPAM&RAID | Will protect your server from raids & spam attacks.

Reaction Interpretation | URl Scanner

    🔍: The URL is being scanned.`,
    🟥: The URL is a malware/virus/iplogger/scam/phishing URL.
    🟨: The URL is unsecure (http) or is a URL Shrink.
    If there is no longer any visible reaction, it means that the URL is not a threat.

SecurityAPI Documentation

Start: s!help s!config s!scan