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The Fall Guy

New: Auto-Shop feature - Automatically post the daily item shop!

The Fall Guy is a verified Fall Guys bot that displays the current featured item shop along with information relating to costumes, emotes, patterns, rounds, trophies and much more!

Every command is executed using the !fg prefix and for help use !fg help.

For help using a specific command use !fg help [?command-name]. E.g. !fg help round.




Command Description Example
!fg autoshop Auto-Shop - No arguments (optional: [?start] [?stop]) !fg autoshop (!fg autoshop stop)
!fg celebration Displays celebration information - Argument is [celebration-name] !fg celebration zsnap
!fg colour Displays colour information - Argument is [colour-name] !fg colour bumblebee
!fg costume Displays costume information - Argument is [costume-name] !fg costume scout
!fg currency Displays currency information - Argument is [currency-name] !fg currency fame
!fg dlc Displays DLC information - Argument is [dlc-name] !fg dlc collectorspack
!fg emote Displays emote information - Argument is [emote-name] !fg emote funkychicken
!fg faceplate Displays faceplate information - Argument is [faceplate-name] !fg faceplate ninja
!fg help Displays help for all commands - No arguments (optional: [?command-name]) !fg help (!fg help round)
!fg invite Displays invite link - No arguments !fg invite
!fg nameplate Displays nameplate information - Argument is [nameplate-name] !fg nameplate love
!fg obstacle Displays obstacle information - No arguments !fg obstacle
!fg pattern Displays pattern information - Argument is [pattern-name] !fg pattern fish
!fg round Displays round information - Argument is [round-name] !fg round eggscramble
!fg season Displays season information - Argument is [season-number] !fg season 1
!fg shop Displays featured shop information - No arguments !fg shop
!fg status Displays status information - No arguments !fg status
!fg trophy Displays trophy/achievement information - Argument is [trophy-name] !fg trophy infallible


For support, please join The Fall Guy Support Server.