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ModBotic is a multifunctional bot with awesome advanced features like Moderation, Fun & Utility!

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The bot is full of constant updates & improvements with a 99.9% up time guaranteed! The starting prefix is ~ BUT its fully customizable to fit your liking! With ModBotic being a Multi Guild bot you can customize the prefix, set custom welcome messages & channels, set Logging, have a leveling system AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

Here is the list of all available Botic categories:

Moderation: Botic has a great & powerful moderation system with the responsibility to help your Moderators & Admins keep the server safe and friendly for everyone!

This includes:
★ Kick
★ Ban
★ Mute
★ Tempban
★ Add Role All
★ Voice Kick
★ Voice Mute
★ Lock
★ Unlock
★ And more!

Utility: Many systems to manage your discord are available with ModBotic. From CUSTOM welcome messages to polls!

This includes:
★ Announce command
★ Welcome message
★ Add role
★ Purge
★ Remove role!
★ Polls
★ Suggestions
★ Twitch Streams
★ Define
★ Translate
★ Custom command Add
★ Custom command Delete
★ Reminder
★ And more!

Fun, Misc, Info: With ModBotic, you will know all information of your discord and kept up to date!

This includes:
★ Bot-info
★ Help
★ Latency
★ Support
★ User-info
★ Meme
★ Oldest Account
★ Youngest Account
★ Calc
★ Economy
★ Leveling
★ And more!

With ModBotic being a Multi Guild bot you can customize the whole thing just the way you like it!

This includes:
★ Custom Welcome & Leave Channel
★ Custom Message edit & delete, Member, role, starboard and nickname Logging +Channels
★ Custom Prefix
★ Custom Mute Role + setup for each channel
★ Custom Commands
★ And much much more!

Website will be implemented as soon as we hit ± 100 servers!

Spotted any bugs? Or maybe have suggestions?

Be sure to join our Support Server to report any bugs or feedback!