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a multipurpose bot to make you server active and fun to be on also has many meme commands!

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★ Doge The Discord Bot ★

Woof Woof! I am a Doge. Do you want to make your server fun and awesome? Then you’re staring at the right bot! These are the stuff I can do for you and your fabulous servers!

★ Some basic commands of Doge ★

Commands what it does
dg!help Displays all the command categories of the bot
dg!help memes Shows the variety of memes you can get with its command
dg!help info Shows all the information commands you can try to get info
dg!help fun Shows all the fun stuff you can do with your friends
dg!help utility Displays all the utilities you can access with this bot
dg!help images Displays the commands you can use to get random images of the selected topic

★ Support my master over here ★

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