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Welcome Ever wanted a bot specially made for music? A fully functional, stable music bot? Remix does it all Music,

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Welcome To Remix is a Discord music bot focused on one goal to deliver music on Discord, Supporting many sources of music %help for Commands!

Music Commands

%help [command] ~ To show all commands

%nowplaying ~ To show the music which is currently playing in this server

%pause ~ To pause the current music in the server

%play ~ To play songs

%queue ~ To show the server songs queue

%resume ~ To resume the paused music

%skip ~ To skip the current music

%stop ~ To stop the music and clearing the queue

%volume [volume] ~ To change the server song queue volume

%skipto ~ Skip to the selected queue number

%search ~ Search and select videos to play

%loop ~ Toggle music Loop

%lyrics ~ Get lyrics for the currently playing song

%playlist ~ Play a playlist from youtube

%pruning ~ Toggle pruning of bot messages

%shuffle ~ Shuffle queue

%remove ~ Remove song from the queue

%uptime ~ Check the uptime

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