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A activeness booster bot with many more functions designed to enhance server activity and make it look more professional

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Eveyone likes to stay in a active server and many owners struggle to make their server active, This bot has entertainment features which will help making your people engaged in chat and your server will have a good growth with active people, This bot has fun commands which may keep your server members engaged, topics, fatcs and truth or dare tasks are completely sensible and fun and are manually added by me over time, I add some more topics and tasks eventually so if you exhaust them don’t worry new will be out soon!

FUN COMMANDS: The activeness boosting commands

Topic: gives topics to chat on in a randomised way which may help your chat being active!

Truth: gives truth question, you can host truth or dare game in your server and always have a question to ask the person!

Dare: gives dare tasks, never run out of dares to give to a person and it has dares which a person can do on discord so it’ll be fun!

8ball: ask any question to the 8ball andd get a sensible answer!

fact: get to know some fun facts about the bot and the world!

Rps: play rock-paper-scissors with the bot!

LEVELING: Keep a record of the activeness of the member with a unique addon of activeness points which can be used as a unique server currency

Levels enable/disable: Enable or disable the level system in your server, if you disable the levels all the levels will be gone

Rank: Take a look on your level and exp

Reset level: Reset the level of a user by pinging the person along with the command

Reset levels_all: Reset the levels of every member of your server, This action cannot be reversed

Points: Take a look on your activeness points and get some unique server perks if set by the owner!

Points add: Add points to a particular member of your server who won a giveaway,etc

Points subtract: Subtract points from a member who purchased something from the server,etc

Points name: Give a unique name to the points and make it look more like a unique server currency gained slowly on every level up

Reset point: Reset points of a user by pinging the person along with the command

Reset points_all: Reset the levels of every member of your server, This action cannot be reversed

UTILITY COMMANDS: Manage your server with ease

Suggestion bot: Give some suggestions or report bugs to the developer directly

Suggestion channel: Set up a suggestion channel where you want the suggestions to be stored into

Suggest: Allow your members to use this command to give suggestions directly and easily to your server staff

Poll: Make a professional looking poll for your server

Avatar: view anyone’s avatar

Userinfo: take a look on anyone’s information including their join date, creation date and roles

MODERATION COMMANDS: Have your server safe and clean

Kick/ban: kicks/bans the member mentioned

Clear(purge): cleans the number of messages given in command

Prefix: change the prefix of the bot for your server

Ping: check if the bot is online and how much is the ping

More to be added soon!