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The best Discord Bot you'll ever need, Moderation, Tickets, Economy, Auto Moderation, YouTube Notifications, Anthem has it all!

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Anthem is the best bot you’ll ever need for your Discord Server, Combines features from Mee6, Dyno and other bots. Has Custom Commands, YouTube Notifications, Moderation, Auto-Meme, et cetera.

Default Prefix is !, use !help to look at the commands list. Prefix can be customized using the !setprefix command.

• Auto-Meme

Anthem’s Auto-Meme feature posts the best memes on reddit in your Discord Server in the set interval.

• Customisable Prefix

The prefix of Anthem is customizable, default is !

• Highly Informative Info Commands

Anthem’s Info commands are the most informative, ranging from a user’s platform to info about an invite.

• Customisable Tickets

Anthem’s Ticket System allows you to modify the embed message, set a role to ping when a new ticket has been created, and much more!

• YouTube Notifications

Notify your server members when your favourite content creator uploads a video.

• Reaction Roles

Allow the users of your server to give themselves roles just by making them react to a message. Eazy to setup, fast at assinging roles.

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