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Tritan Bot

A fully-functional multipurpose bot with loads of commands such as music, moderation, logging, games, utilities & more!

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🤖 Tritan Bot

Tritan Bot is a Discord General Purpose Bot built with discord.js. Please read through the docs before even thinking about running this yourself…

🔥 Can I Add Tritan Bot To My Server?

Yes, please go here to invite the bot. If you require support, or you would like to give any feedback or suggestions, please join the support server..

😊 Documentation

While there is no documentation to run Tritan Bot locally because it’s not suggested, please visit this website for more information on the commands and setup available.

Features and Commands:

Note: The default prefix is ‘*’

⚠️ Should I Run Tritan Bot Locally?

Probably not. Tritan has enough moving pieces that running a local version is complicated. The main purpose of having the source released is to allow others to understand and audit the functionality. The code is by no means meant to be easy to setup or bootstrap, and I don’t plan on supporting folks trying to run locally. That said, feel free to run a local version of Tritan for your server (but not a public version please). Please note that if this is being hosted locally, you must name the cloned directory “Tritan-Core”, and place it directly in the root directory.

📝 Self-hosting Agreement

More Info: