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DisTube Bot is a simple music bot to play Youtube songs.

It is an easy to use bot with play, search, stop, loop, DJ, filter commands or just click on the reaction below.

It also has 20 awesome audio filters: 3d, bassboost, echo, karaoke, nightcore, vaporwave.

The default prefix is dt., use dt.prefix <new prefix> or @DisTube#8553 prefix <new> to customize your server’s prefix.


Command Description
play Search & Play a Youtube video. Or play music from Youtube video/playlist URL
autoplay Enable/disable autoplay related song when the queue is empty
voteSkip Enable/disable vote to skip song(s)
voteStop Enable/disable vote to stop the server queue
dj Show the DJ mode status, list of DJ roles and users
filter List all available audio filters
playlists List all your custom playlist
playskip Play a song or playlist and skip the current song
help Get all of available commands or command description
pause Pause/resume the current song
resume Just a pause alias :>
prefix Change server’s prefix
queue Show the server’s queue
repeat Change repeat mode to the entire queue or only the playing song
skip Skip a number of songs (Need vote if enable)
stop Stop a number of songs (Need vote if enable)
volume Change volume

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