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A Funny Currency/Economy and Utility Bot

Prefix: *Upvote BotOther7 upvotes this month

A Funny Currency/Economy and Utility Bot, special made for Soccernx’s Discord Server! (YouTube Creator with 17K+ subs) Feel free to check it out, and don’t forget to leave some feedback too :)

Notice: Use *help for the full list of commands🎁 and *bot for bot info

RNX Bot Command List | 🚀Bot prefix *

ECONOMY COMMANDS: *balance , *inventory ,*leaderboard *sell ,*with , *dep , *pay , *work


*account ,*set-description , *clyde

UTILITY COMMANDS: *userinfo , *poll , *serverinfo , *avatar

LEVEL COMMANDS: 📜| *level - Level up by playing my commands! (Auto level up)


Bug Report: *report

Invite Bot: *invite