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Server greeting, fun, information, moderation, utilities! All that in Arigato features for you!

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The bot is all in english.


• Server greeting. a?setwelcomechannel <channel> to set the channel for server greeting.

• Fun commands. Made to entertain your members everytime they want to.

• Information commands. Wich you can get a lot of information about your server or server members.

• Moderation commands. Made to help the moderators of your server.

Default prefix is a? | You can change it using the command a?setprefix <prefix> | If you somehow forget the prefix, you can just ping the bot and it shows you the current prefix on the guild

a?help - to see full list of commands | In the help tabs, < > means it is something required, [ ] means it is something optional

a?support - to join support server if you need detailed help

Commands that require special permissions

Commands Permissions
a?kick <user> KICK MEMBERS
a?ban <user> BAN MEMBERS
a?unban <user id> BAN MEMBERS
a?clear <number of messages> MANAGE MESSAGES
a?setprefix <prefix> MANAGE GUILD
a?setwelcomechannel <channel> MANAGE GUILD
a?warn <user> MANAGE MESSAGES