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A moderation bot, named after a Goose...what more could you ask for?

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Goosie Bot

Goosie introduces a new way to moderate your server, featuring automod and moderation commands to assist in keeping your guild safe for all users. Goosie currently features two configurable modules, moderation and automod. Configuring these modules are as easy as pie…if making pie was easy…which it is…just like takes time… Anyways, these two modules were designed to make keeping your guild safe as easy as possible.


Goosie features an array of moderation commands for any situation your guild may encounter. From a simple warning, all the way All of the commands Goosie comes with have been designed and tested to ensure that your guild stays safe, no matter what. up to a permanent ban, Goosie is prepared for anything your guild may encounter.


Goosie also features an all-in-one command called gg-setup. This command makes it easy to quickly configure bot settings in one spot, at one time, instead of having to run multiple different commands to get the result you want.


Another module Goosie features is an automod (auto-moderation). The bot will assist your staff members in removing inappropriate words, other discord invite links, or external website links. To use, simply run the gg-setup automod command in any channel the bot can see.


For assistance to get the most out of Goosie, head to the official support website here. If your question is not answered from the website, consider joining the support server here.