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PSlimy is a discord bot with many commands for you to use! PSlimy have moderation, utility, meme, fun, economy and more commands!

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Bot Information:

Name: PSlimy

Prefix: > (customizable)

PSlimy is a multipurpose discord bot, main purpose is moderation. But PSlimy also have many fun commands to keep you and your members entertain. PSlimy provide both protection and entertainment for your discord servers, so invite PSlimy now!


<> | Bot log message and channel

<> | Moderation commands (mute, kick, ban…)

<> | Image commands (recaptcha, tableflip, rip…)

<> | Rolesplay / Gif / Anime commands (slap, hug, pat…)

<> | Fun commands (rps, coinflip, howgay…)

<> | Economy System (balance, inventory, daily…)

<> | Many other commands (afk, avatar, ping…)

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