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It has Star Wars, normie, dank and Marvel memes. Star Wars news articles, trivia, quotes, topic questions. Subreddit questions. Action commands such as hug. Moderation commands.

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These are the list of commands: dmbhelp – shows the list of commands dmbafk <message> – sets your AFK (away from keyboard) message dmbsay <message> – the bot says your message dmblevels – sends a link to your server’s leaderboard dmblevel – shows your level, rank and level progress dmbtwitch <streamer> – shows the streamer’s profile dmbyoutube <search query> – shows a random video based on that search query dmburban <word> – gives the urban dictionary definition for that word dmbimgur <search query> – shows a random imgur result based on that search query dmbgiphy <search query> – show a random giphy result based on that search query dmbt – generates a random Star Wars trivia question. dmbq – generates a random Star Wars topic question. dmbn – generates a random Star Wars news article. dmbqu – generates a random Star Wars quote. dmbm – generates a random Star Wars meme. dmbmm – generates a random Marvel meme. dmbar – generates a random question from r/AskReddit. dmbto – generates a random topic question from various Subreddits. dmbnm – generates a random normie meme.

These are the action commands: dmbkiss <a user>, dmbhug <a user>, dmbmarry <a user>, dmbkill <a user>, dmbwelcome <a user>, dmbhello, dmbgreet <a user>, dmbchoke <a user>, dmbcounter <a user>, dmbzap <a user>, dmbduel <a user>, dmblick <a user>. dmbcongrats <a user>, dmbwelcome2 <a user>, dmbga <a user>, dmbpants <a user>, dmbpat <a user>, dmbkick <a user>, dmbep <a user>, dmbca <a user>, dmbchallenge <a user>, dmbpunch <a user>, dmbslap <a user>, dmbjmt <a user>

Moderator commands (requires the administrator permission) dmbban <user> – Bans a user from the server. dmbmute <user> – Mutes a user in the server. dmbunmute <user> – Unmutes a muted user. dmbwarn <user> – Warns a user. dmbwarnings <user> – Displays all the past warnings of a user. (doesn’t require administrator permission or any other special permission to use) dmbclearwarnings <user> – Clears all the warnings of a user. dmbkick <user> – Kicks a User from the Server. dmbsoftban <user> – Soft Bans a User from the Server. Removes all their messages from chat and kicks them. dmbpurge <number of messages> – Deletes a number of messages in a channel.