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A bot that helps make & display simple and complex tables

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Tabler is a simple bot that lets you create readable, simple or complex tables in your server. It uses a range of easy to understand options to let you create awesome looking tables.

Get started

To create a table, you can use the t!table command. It takes two main arguments over two lines:

Here’s an example of a simple table you can create with one option:


Let’s break it down:

Pretty easy, isn’t it?



Option Description Alias(es) Default Value
lineOnAllRows Whether to add line separating each row, or only the top row lineall Default: false (line only on top row)
singleLine Whether to only use one line (good for horizontal tables) sinline false
border The template to use for specifying which characters to use for the table’s borders<br />Valid options: honeywell, norc, ramac, void honeywell
col(index/“all”) Used to modify specific or all column settings. A list of column options can be seen below. not applicable
Option Description Default Value
col.width The width of the column in spaces, must be greater than 0, auto (content length)
col.paddingLeft How many spaces to insert before the content 0
col.paddingRight How many spaces to insert after the content 0
col.wordWrap Whether to wrap the content to the next line at the nearest space, or at a special character false
col.truncate How many characters to display before wrapping to the next line. Used by default instead of word wrapping. 100
col.alignment Which direction to align content in a row towards<br />Valid options: left, center, right left

Default border templates available

Honeywell Norc

Ramac Void

Planned Features

All coming really soon 😊

Need help?

Join the support server to request help and suggest features or report bugs.