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Xeno is an simple and easy-to-use music bot with high music quality and high uptime.

It is frequently updated for stability improvements and extra features.

✅ High uptime

✅ High performance

✅ High definition, crisp music playback

✅ Fast responses

✅ Low ping


Command Description Usage Aliases
help Shows a list of commands ;help ?, cmds, commands
stats Shows ping, uptime and RAM usage ;stats ping, latency, mem, memory, uptime
play Plays a song ;play <Video ID, URL or Search Term> p, pl
pause Toggles playback ;pause resume
skip Skips the song ;skip s, sk, next
stop Stops music and leaves the channel ;stop leave
volume Changes playback volume ;volume <volume> v, vol
queue Shows the current music queue ;queue qu

Turn up the music.