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An epic Discord Bot, we promise to protect the security of your server, and make your server being safe.

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Cool Features:

Always Uptime, 24/7 Bot supports, Moderation commands,fun commands, ticket commands, useful commands, etc.

UpComing Function:

Music , giveaways , web dashboard

Basic Commands:

help, info, ping, vote

Utility Commands:

serverinfo, whois, avatar, test, embed, eval, channel, waether, botinfo, timer, translate, urban, uptime, stats, aes256, deaes256

Fun Commands:

8ball, joke, urban, cat, dog, duck, kiss, reverse, poke, pat, meme, smug, tickle, youtube, ngif

Moderation Commands:

clear, ban, unban, kick, mute, tempmute, warn, unmute, rename, createemoji, createchannel, lockchannel, unlockdown

Music Commands (Beta):

play [url]

More Informations, please contact bot developer or support server