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An epic multi-purpose Discord bot within powerful commands/functions.

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⚠Admin Permission needed for Moderation commands ⚠Embed links needed for bot embed messages

Draconian Discord bot is an epic multi-purpose bot, which is very powerful abd contains rich functions below:

▪ Stable Bot Hosting (without any down issues)
▪ Full moderation commands (warn/mute/ban/kick/unmute…)
▪ Full server usefull admin commands (createchannel/createemoji/lockchannel…)
▪ Giveaways command
▪ 99.99% Uptime 24/7
▪ Music system with queue/keyword supports
▪ Weekly updates for better bug fixes/maintaining
▪ Tons of useful commands (whois/serverinfo/channel/snipe…)
▪ Custom Prefix support
▪ Live 24/7 bot support with bug report/suggestions
▪ Meme/Fun commands
▪ NSFW commands(Only for NSFW-channel)
▪ More and more/ Coming Soon!!

☑ Tips:
If you want to get the bt command list, type d!help for cmds.
If you want to watch the changelog, type d!changelog for the update items.

Bot prefix currently is d!, you can change it yourself with command d!setprefix.