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Friday is a Great AI for your music needs Friday is also hosted on a dedicated server with 32GB of ram along with multiple cores

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Music Commands

f!lyrics [song name] - shows the lyrics to the currently-playing song
f!nowplaying - shows the song that is currently playing
f!play [title|URL|subcommand] - plays the provided song
f!playlists - shows the available playlists
f!queue [pagenum] - shows the current queue
f!remove [position|ALL] - removes a song from the queue
f!search [query] - searches Youtube for a provided query
f!scsearch [query] - searches Soundcloud for a provided query
f!shuffle - shuffles songs you have added
f!skip - votes to skip the current song

DJ Commands

f!forceremove [user] - removes all entries by a user from the queue
f!forceskip - skips the current song
f!movetrack [from] [to] - move a track in the current queue to a different position
f!pause - pauses the current song
f!playnext [title|URL] - plays a single song next
f!repeat [on|off] - re-adds music to the queue when finished
f!skipto [position] - skips to the specified song
f!stop - stops the current song and clears the queue
f!volume [0-150] - sets or shows volume