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The Best Bot & easy-to-use Discord bot! Advanced moderation, leveling, memes and Music & much more!

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My Bot Commands *help Gives you help information *topinvites It shows the member who invited the most people *support support my server *id show your id cal calculator (x=) *tag He writes you a beautiful and large word *giveaway Gift making *emojilist Show you all the emoji of the server *image Server image *ch_id Shows channel id *corona It shows you how many cases of coronavirus infection *level Show you your own level *bot To view information about the bot *user To view information about you *avt get a users’ avatar. *avatar ( @ )Show your photo or a picture you want *credits To know your balance *know it gives you a helpful advice (arabic) *daily daily credit *google To search in Google via the discord *perms Show you your permission in the server *bots Show all bots in the server *meme funny pictures *anime *anime “name” *imdb *imdb “name of movie or series” *weather *weather “name country” *advice Bot gives you a advice *joke Bot gives you a joke *neko neko pictures *suggest Bot gives you a suggest *clear cleans messages from a channel. *ban (*ban @member) bans a member. *kick (*kick @member reason) kicks a member *open Open a chat *close close a chat *mute (*mute @member) mute a member from text channels so they cannot type *unmute unmutes a member. *say (*say “message”) Have the bot write a message *embed (*embed “message”) Have the bot write a message *antilink Prevent posting links “facebook.youtube.twitch…” *shop Fortnite Daily Shop *fortnite .*fortnite “name” “solo or duo or squad” *play Plays audio from YouTube or Soundcloud *stop Stops the music *pause Pause the currently playing music *resume Resume currently playing music *volume Change volume of currently playing music *queue Show the music queue and now playing *skip Skip the currently playing song *np Show now playing song *loop Toggle music loop *lyrics Get lyrics for the currently playing song *playlist Play a playlist from youtube *search Search and select videos to play *remove Remove song from the queue *setWelcomer(*setWelcomer channel) Shows amount of your messages. *setMessage To specify the welcome message and more commands just go to www.bestbot.ga