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Multra is a bot that was created to help you with growing your Discord server by providing you with many features and commands!

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</> Multra the Bot </>

Multra is packed to the brim with features with many more to come! He has moderation commands, fun commands, informational commands and settings configurable to your server’s needs such as giving roles upon join, a customizable prefix, a mod log channel, a live member count and much more!

</> Dashboard </>

Multra comes with a fully functional dashboard with many features:

</> Why Multra is Unique from Other Bots </>

</> Affiliates </>

Multra has an active Public Relations Office to help you with partnering with our server and any inquiries you may have! This is to ensure a strong bond with our community.

</> Commands </>

Multra has many commands to help keep your server alive and to keep rule-breaking down to a minimum. We have:

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Can’t believe what you’ve just heard? It gets even better! Add Multra to your server today!