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Advanced Moderation System, Custom Role Assigning, Twitch/YT Live Streaming Roles, Nitro Boost Tracker, Logging, Utilities, News and more!

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Sx Bot

Sx Bot is a Multi-Functional Bot Providing in Depth Modlogs, Moderating, as well as many other Fun and Welcoming Features to your Server. Why have 10 different bots that do one thing, when you can have 1 bot that does all 10?

Sx Bot is:

Moderation: Automatic Mutes for Filtered Words, Member Role Management (Image/Embedding Restrictions), Restrict Unwanted Emoji’s.
Logging: Message Logs, Reaction Logs, and Image Logs.
Streaming/Live: Automatically assigns/removes a Temporary Role to Twitch/YouTube & Voice Chat Live Streamers.
Nitro Boosts: Automatically sends an embed to the channel when a User Server Nitro Boost’s. Track All Nitro Boosters by Date of Boost.
Server Channels/Roles/User Info: Get a list of all the Channels and Roles. Get Detailed User Information Including Badges!
Server Emojis: Display’s Animated & Non Animated Emoji’s.
Movie/Song Search: Movie Night? Search for your Favorite Movie or Songs!
Live News/Weather: Displays Live News Channel Streams & Real Time Weather Conditions for a given Location.
Twitch Info/Followage: Search for your favorite Twitch Streamer or how long you have been Following them.
Snipe/Misc: Someone been naughty? Retrieve the Last Deleted Message from a Channel. Creates a ASCII Banner from a String you Supply.
Custom Roles/Starboard: Create Custom Roles that Moderators can Assign to Members. Star Messages that can be sent to a Designated Channel.
Lockdown/Slowmode/Staff Mode: Spam Issues? Put a Channel in a Variety of Spam Prevention Modes. OnlyStaff Mode disables all Commands in a Given Channel for Non-Staff Members.

Using the bot:

The most basic command is the ping command, to run any command, you need to write the prefix, then the command’s name.

The prefix by default is . but can be changed to whatever you would like by simply typing .prefix newprefix

Setting the moderator/member/muted roles are very simple by typing:
.roles moderator rolehere .roles member rolehere .roles membersTaken rolehere
.roles muted rolehere

Setting the logging/welcome/user  channels are done by typing: 
.userlogs set #channel
.messageLogs set #channel
.reactionLogs set #channel
.imageLogs set #channel
.welcomemessages set #channel
.stafflogs set #channel
.starboard set #channel

Setting the streamer/live in discord roles are done by typing:
.roles streamer rolehere .roles live rolehere This will cause anyone who has a STREAMING  presence from twitch/youtube to get this specific role. Once they are done streaming, the role is removed from them. The Live in Discord role works in a similar way, is given when they are streaming live in voice chat, and removes it once streaming ends.

Setting the word/emoji filtration system is simple by typing:
.filter add word
.filter remove word
.filter show  (Show’s all the filtered words)
.filter reset (Resets the filter)

If you invite the bot to your guild, and type .help or .commands, you can see a list of every single command/feature. ( Please note that for certain config/moderation commands, you will need the moderator role or administrator access, so those will not show up in the help/command menu until you have those permissions. )

I am also happy to add/customize more things into the bot upon request.

Overall, there is a lot this bot can do, and if you join the support server, I am more than happy to demonstrate and explain the features to you more in depth.

Support Server: