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A random generator bot that generates random Harry-Potter-related content. Moderation, too. The bot is online, right now, ready to use.

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The bot is online and ready to be used. It is a random generator bot that randomly generates Wizarding-World-related content such as memes, articles from The Daily Prophet, quotes, topic questions, trivia questions that doesn’t give the answer, Would-You-Rather questions, Have-You-Ever questions, news articles, movie trailers and images. You can use it to sort yourself into a house of a school of magic at random, or sort a character or person of your choice at random. The action commands are kiss, hair pull, going Super-Saiyan, dance, hug, “I love you”, huggles, congrats, kill, punch, bye, insult, holding hands, oppugno, protego diabolica, expecto patronum, ferret curse, serpensortia, riddikulus, high-five, boop, barf, nom, rictusempra, slow clap, lick, nuggles, tickle, pet, greet. You can also make the bot say a message. Moderator commands are now available, too, where the server staff/owner needs to give the bot the required permissions to use the commands and only the users with the required permissions can use them. These include ban, kick, warn, mute, purge messages and clear warnings. The leveling system has commands where you can check your rank and the leaderboard for your server. The search query system allows you to make searches from Youtube, Giphy, imgur and the Urban Dictionary, and it allows you to look up your Twitch streamers’ profiles. The help commands are hpbhelp, hpbhelp2, hpbhelp3.