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A bot that's made for the OwO bot to remind you of your cooldowns & more!

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Atlantis Discord Bot

Atlantis is a Discord Bot made for the OwO Discord Bot community Atlantis


I use Ko-fi because they don’t take a fee for themselves like Patreon does


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How do I use Atlantis?

By adding Atlantis to your server it is enabled automatically. All you need to do is use the OwO bot and you’ll get reminded of when the cooldowns expire.

Want to disable the reminder for a command?

You can do just that. By running the help command a!help you can see all the commands in the bot.

Full Command List

Issues / Suggestions / New Features

As far as this goes if you find an issue/bug with Atlantis or have a new suggestion to be made rather DM me (da strange boi#7087) or join Atlantis Support Server and make a suggestion there and or issue report