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This bot provides information on the Coronavirus outbreak around the world. It can provide global data and country wise too.

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Covid Bot

Covid Bot give’s you the latest stats on the coronavirus pandemic that has raged through the whole world

Here are some commands!

Command Description
state Shows a state’s COVID-19 data
graph Shows a country’s COVID-19 data
province Shows a province’s COVID-19 data
country Shows a country’s COVID-19 data
tips Displays tips for avoiding the coronavirus.
top Shows the countries with the most covid cases
compare Compare two countries covid-19 statistics.
all Shows overall COVID-19 data
pie Show’s a pie chart of a countries data
symptoms Shows some symptoms of COVID-19.
mobility Shows a country’s COVID-19 data
help Responds with more information on the provided command or category.
stats stats thing.
invite Invite link for the bot.
ping Measures the Discord API ReST latency.