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A free and open source music bot for playing from YouTube

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Boombox is a free, open source, music bot for Discord for playing from YouTube. It has the abbility to load songs from a play single songs, add from a youtube playlist, and pause.


Command Usage Description
Play !play [song name or youtube link] This will find the song from youtube and start playing it. If there is something currently playing it will add it to the queue.
Skip !skip Will skip the currently playing song.
Stop !stop Will stop current playing music and delete the queue.
Now Playing !np Displays what song is currently playing.
Lyrics !lyrics Will get the currently playing songs lyrics. Lyrics are provided by Genius.
Lyrics !lyrics [song name] Will get the lyrics for the provided song. Lyrics are provided by Genius.
Queue !queue Displays current songs queue.
Volume !volume Set’s the volume. Use a number between 1 and 5.
Invite !invite Sends an invite link for the bot.
Playlist !playlist [youtube playlist url] This command will add all songs from a youtube playlist into the queue.
Pause !pause Will pause the currently playing song.
Remove !remove [position in queue] Will remove that song from the queue.

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