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Give your discord a profissional look with Mayfi. Fun | Utility | Economy | Multi-Language | Moderation

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Mayfi is a multi-purpose bot, mainly created to moderate your server and bring more life to your server with fun commands that Mayfi provides.


Mayfi has an own documentation site, feel free to visit and know everything about mayfi


If you have any doubts related to any Mayfi command, please consider joining our support server.


You can contribute to Mayfi with different ways. Check below


If you have basic knowledge of Discord.js and Javascript, please consider helping Mayfi by improving her code. You can help by minimum ways, even changing a variable to const already helps. You can do it so by forking Mayfi repository, making your changes, then opening a pull request.

Reporting bugs

If you’ve found any bug (even if it’s a language error), please consider joining our Support Server and reporting it in the channel “#bugs-report”, by doing that, you’ll contribute a lot to Mayfi.