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Coin Flipper

Coin Flipper is a simple and fun Discord bot!

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Coin Flipper

A simple and fun Discord bot

Coin Flipper is a fun and customizable Discord bot that can flip coins, start minigames, and do much more! From minigames and lottery tickets to jobs and registers, there are plenty of fun commands that will liven up your server!

Flipping Coins

As the name implies, coin flipping is the main purpose of the bot. Not only is there classic flipping - you can use addons to have more fun flipping. For example, the <b>extra</b> addon includes over 100 responses to flipping your coin!

Awesome Currency

Coin Flipper includes a currency called Cents. With Cents, you can buy items, addons, and more! There are plenty of ways to get them, such as flipping coins, getting lottery tickets, working, and more!

Unique Features

There are some very unique features that Coin Flipper has that you won’t find anywhere else! Some of these include:

Lots of fun

Coin Flipper has a variety of fun and interactive commands that can keep your server active and make it a cooler place! So, what are you waiting for? Invite Coin Flipper and start your flipping adventure today!