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MAKE YOUR SERVER ACTIVE AGAIN!! This bot connects your servers chat channel to other servers' chat channels resulting in more activity!!

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I am BlobChat, the bot that connects your chat channel with other servers’ chat channels!

Why BlobChat?

BlobChat connects your servers chat channel with lots of other servers’ chat channels, resulting in more activity in your chat channel!

How do I set it up?

Simply run the b!connect command! You can also DM me to send a message into all channels.

Profanity Killer built right in!

Profanity Killer is built right into the bot so all profanity gets cleaned!

Please note

If you use Profanity Killer, please remove it’s access from the connected channel since the bot has Profanity Killer built right in and sometimes causes errors to the bots!

Commands • Hover for information on commands!



{supportServer} | Returns an invite to the support server {guildID} | Returns the ID of the server you’re in More coming soon!

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