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Utili has some useful utility features. No votelocking!

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⭐ Autopurge
Automatically delete messages when they get too old in certain channels

⭐ Allow certain types of messages in channels
Automatically delete messages that don’t fit the requirements for a channel
Allow only images, video, media and more

⭐ Voice-Text linking
Automatically make a text channel available to the people in a voice channel

⭐ Role Persistance
Automatically add all of a user’s roles back when they re-join the server

⭐ Upvote and downvote on messages
Automatically adds upvote and downvote buttons to messages in a channel
You can choose what the upvote and downvote emotes are

⭐ Add a notice at the bottom of a channel
Automatically keep a customisable embed at the bottom of a channel to tell your members something important

⭐ Mark inactive users
Automatically adds a role to users that aren’t active
You decide what counts as inactive

⭐ Delete spam
Automatically delete messages if a user is sending too many too fast

⭐ Delete profane messages
Uses a smart filter to delete messages containing bad words

⭐ Log deleted and edited messages
Choose a log channel and messages will be sent there when they’re deleted or edited

⭐ Various useful commands
Utility commands for some of the most-needed things

⭐ Want any other features? Just ask me.
Use .about to get an invite to the bot’s server