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Yet another Discord bot that does all sorts of stuff. You're welcome.

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Manatee is a simple, speedy Discord bot that can meet your servers’ needs. It features lots of abilities such as:

🐬 Curate commands specifically for your server by enabling/disabling them however you wish.
🐬 Give it a unique prefix within your server.
🐬 Welcome new users with a warm, fuzzy greeting.
🐬 Log info like all the actions made by your moderation team, who enters and leaves your server, or which messages are edited and deleted.
🐬 Create custom commands for Manatee, like m!lmao which sends a custom message of your choice.
🐬 Play engaging games like hangman, minesweeper, roulette, and sudoku, or challenge friends to a round of trivia.
🐬 Generate your own memes to your heart’s content, or just browse memes on r/dankmemes.

That list just scratches the surface on what you can do with Manatee!
Here’s a full list of commands:

⚙️ Config

🎉 Fun

🎲 Games

📷 Image

📚 Knowledge

🚔 Moderation

🛠 Utility