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A multipurpose bot with many commands.

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Relms Bot

Hello there and welcome to Relms Bot! The one and only bot YOU need! This bot currently has over 70 commands with more to come soon!

SPOT A BUG? Join the Support Server or DM @Relms#0069 on Discord!

So, what can Relms Bot do? Here are some examples:

  1. Global Leveling system with role rewards coming soon!
  2. Ticketing System to easily manage any questions your server members have!
  3. Suggestions system with voting to show who likes/dislikes suggestions made by the server members
  4. Server Stats to track how many members you have!
  5. Social commands!
  6. Moderation commands to manage all your moderation needs!
  7. Customization and configuration!
  8. Music Commands!

So what’s coming for Relms Bot in the future? Here are some examples (more found on the Website):

  1. More configs and customization
  2. More functionality to ticketing and suggestions system
  3. More server stats
  4. More social commands
  5. More commands in general
  6. Economy system
  7. Website Dashboard

So why choose Relms Bot you may ask? Well that’s easy! It aims to be the ONLY bot you need in your server so that you don’t have to memorize so many prefixes and won’t have the bot cluster!

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  1. DO NOT nuke commands. That means spamming the bots commands. I LOG everything to do with the bot like what commands are ran etc. If your caught nuking commands, you WILL be banned from using the bot!
  2. DO NOT copy the bot! If caught, it will be reported to Discord and your Discord account will be banned!

So what are you waiting for? ADD RELMS BOT TODAY!

Last Updated: 13 Jan 2020