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Advance to the next level with ReCreate with our moderation, utility features, fun commands and more!

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What Is ReCreate?

ReCreate is a easy-to-use multipurpose discord bot focusing on Moderation, Utility & Fun. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose ReCreate as your multipurpose discord bot!

• 📟 Over 70+ commands
• ⚙️ Easy to set up and use
• 🐛 Regular updates/fixes
• 🎖 Badges to collect

ReCreate’s Purpose

Our main purpose and feature is Badges. Inspired by Discord Badges, you can collect all of the badges with our In-Bot Leveling module. To participate all you have to do is run the start command and your in! Once you have started, ReCreate will give you XP as you run commands and then you will eventually level up and get cool badges to show off on your ReCreate profile! On top of that, you can edit your profile and make it how you want it! Will you become the one and only Legendary Creator?

Getting Started

To get started type in re!help to see a list of command modules we provide! After that, you can play around with ReCreate and if you need help type in re!help {command} and if that’s not helping you, you can join our support server by clicking here. If you do end up joining our support server, make sure to say so you can keep your super cool badge and don’t forget to send us some feedback by typing in re!feedback!