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Hawk is a bot designed to keep you server in tip-top shape from auto-moderation features too simple ban and kick command Hawk can do about almost anything.

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Meet Hawk

Hawk is a bot designed to keep you server in tip-top shape. Hawk does what most popular bots do but faster and easier, gone are the days of having multiple bots just to keep your server running.


Hawk loves moderating server, hawk has a multitude of moderation system and commands spanning from the simple kick and ban command to captcha systems and auto moderation systems

Auto Moderation

Hawk can watch you server for any prohibited words, discord invite links, and possible spam in order to keep your server looking clean and organized

Community Features

Hawk can provide your community with multiple features including a simple yet reliable ticket system, easy to use and set up suggestions system, and much much more!

Music System

Hawk has a robust and reliable music system to keep your trivia night vibes alive, with a no lag system your best won’t be leaving you hanging.

I’m Sold!

You can invite Hawk by clicking the invite button above. You can start using Hawk right away by typing h!help