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Retr0n is a security-based, feature-rich discord bot! We have features for moderation, logging, and even a powerful dashboard!

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Security Simplified

Retr0n is a Discord Bot developed by SeismicCore for keeping your guild secure, safe and to keep you and your team satisfied

New In Version 3.0.1:

Revolutionary Features:


Retr0n knows how to take care of a guild. Muting with a role of your choosing, unmuting, banning, unbanning and kicking are just some of the ways Retr0n has your back!

The Dashboard

Configuring and customizing Retr0n to fit your server needs has never been simpler. Manage your server on the go with our mobile friendly website and dashboard here.


A beautiful embed gets sent to channels of your choosing to keep track of all the activity on your server.


Global economy with Retr0 Coins! Mine coins to earn, buy some stuff for yourself or gamble it all and play the stock market. Show off your profile and prove that you are superior.


What Else?

All of Retr0n’s commands can be found on our documentation page.

The Numbers:

Retr0n is trusted and used world-wide to keep over 350,000 users safe and secure over 2,000 guilds!

Type =help to get started!