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Cosmos, a bot of the future. Want to have features, but not pay? Then this is for you...

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What you want, for $0

Here at Cosmos, we believe you can have a bot with all the features you want, that is paid on other bots for free, and thats exactly what you get with Cosmos.



An easy to use leveling system. Customize your level message to something like dicedtomato#1453 is now level 54!

Custom Commands

Create custom commands with custom reponses, with many functions to do what you want it to do.


High quality music, no questions. You don’t need to pay, all you need to do is cplay Bad Guy and enjoy.

Want your voice to be heard?

Join our Discord server, to get your voice heard, and suggest, or give us feedback, or just have a nice time.

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Have a great day/night!