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Lion is czech multi-purpose mutilang bot with up to 100 commands.

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Hi, I’d like to introduce you to my bot Lion

So what can bot do

• The bot mainly focuses on creating images or custom memes, specifically 34 commands so there is something to choose from

• In the bot also does not lack the classic moderation of the server, such as ban, kick, mute, etc.

• Do you like animals? So you might be interested in the Animals section where there are random pictures of animals

• Are you interested in the universe if? If so, it’s not missing either

• We also have our own Economy and Giveaway system

• And that’s not all, there are over 100 commands in the bot, so I think everyone can choose

• Do you like listening to any music? So the music system in the bot not missing

• We are constantly working on the bot, so if you have an idea of what to add, type +suggestion command, which sends your idea to the support server.

• Bot speak English, Czech and Slovak


Support server: