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With the help of the bot, task management on your server is child's play. You can give specific users or groups of users tasks.

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In the following, the basics commands are shown in a table. Parameters are always between “<” and “>”. If the name of the parameter is capitalized, this is a free value that is not in the command description. If the name is in lower case, there is a choice of parameters.


-group create <GROUPNAME>

-group add @USER <GROUPNAME>

-group remove @USER <GROUPNAME>

-group delete <GROUPNAME>

-group list


-task add @USER <TASK>

-task add <GROUPNAME> <TASK>

-task proceed <group/user> <TASK-ID>

-task deadline <group/user> <TASK-ID> <DATE> <TIME>

-task list <@USER/GROUPNAME>

-task delete <group/user> <TASK-ID>


-token-token new